Servicing the maritime industry through technology, advanced intelligence and visionary shipbroking within multiple segments, specialized in asset trading, chartering, advisory services and capital markets.


Advisory services

Capital markets


Our segments

We provide our valued clients with a list of services including asset trading, chartering, projects and finance. With a skilled team specialized within all segments and offerings, we strive to be your preferred partner. 

We advise our clients on market opportunities whenever we see a fitting project to their portfolio or whenever requested by the client. We advise on financing, sourcing the assets throug our extensive network and structuring long and short-term employment. 

OceanEXL Capital is passionately involved in the capital markets within maritime and energy securities with an outstanding position in research, and trading equities and commodities through our in-house managed portfolio. With case-driven research and cyclical trading philosophy, we focus on mid to long-term trades while facilitating our analysis to clients through our intelligence platform.

Intelligence Platform

Ocean EXL Intelligence is an easy-to-use platform with the most necessary intelligence for anyone in asset trading, chartering, and risk management-related operations. Provided and supported only by OceanEXL data and carefully chosen market information to ensure reliable intelligence, anywhere, at any time.


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Through trust, integrity, and commitment, we value our clients and put their needs as our priority.

Together with our clients and their trust in our comprehensive consultancy, we excel in a truly international and volatile market, as we are committed and connected. Our integrity has always lead to good and engaging relations. Our commitment has kept us from ever losing track of our clients' needs.