OX-Global WET12

Last updated 31 January 2023 (Values as of 30 January 2023)

USD 216.53

-2.38 (-1.09%)


The OX-Global WET12 index reflects market performance for the 12 most influential stock listed companies within tankers and the sole purpose of the index is to track the global tanker market. OX-Global WET12 is part of the OX-Global Shipping Indices launched, maintained and only marketed by OCEAN EXL FZCO. The index is being marketed for information purposes only and should not be relied upon or taken into consideration when decisions are to be taken.

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FieldsFields 2
Index nameOX-Global WET12
Launch date19 November 2021
Base value100.00
Index divisor11.3473441108545
Eligible stocksAll stocks with solid track history and influence within tankers, which are being traded on reputable and stable global exchanges.
Number of constituents12 companies across the globe, that are involved in tankers.
WeightingFree-float market-capitalization-weighted. Industry weighted to avoid drastic changes in the index based on one company's business. Capped weight - a single company can maximum have 10% influence.
Calculation currencyUSD. All foreign currencies have been converted to USD using the standard rate every day.
Rebalancing frequencyThe index including model, constituents, and price is being reviewed once every quarter, being the last Thursday in the quarter.
Calculation frequencyThe index is being calculated and updated on a daily basis.


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The OX-Global Shipping Indices is a family of indices tracking global shipping securities within their respective segment, to track the overall condition and performance of the underlying segment market, i.e., container vessels, bulk carriers, and tankers. The indices are grouped in segments, types, and weight to make it easy to follow, understand and compare the indices. The OX-Global Shipping Indices was formulated, launched, and marketed by OCEAN EXL FZCO, November 19, 2021, and is currently being marketed on the OceanEXL Intelligence platform with OCEAN EXL FZCO operating the indices. All indices operated by OCEAN EXL FZCO and marketed on the OceanEXL Intelligence platform are a part of the OX-Global Shipping Indices family. The index family consists of indices tracking and measuring performance on the most influential and important securities related to maritime-related activities, covering underlying segments such as; container shipping, dry bulk shipping, crude oil tanker shipping, LNG shipping, offshore maritime-related activities, renewables related to the maritime industry, yard, and engineering related to the maritime industry, cruise shipping, and oil and gas companies influencing within the shipping industry. The data and indices marketed on the Intelligence platform are owned and maintained by OCEAN EXL FZCO and reflect market performance for the underlying securities within various categories. The model on which the indices are based is created by OCEAN EXL FZCO. The calculation of the indices is based upon the free-float market capitalization methodology with a cap-weighted influence, which is monitored and updated on a daily basis. The indices are being updated every day and can be accessed only through the OceanEXL platform who is the only approved marketer for the OX-Global Shipping Indices and shall be considered as the only reliable source. The Indices have been formulated to monitor and document the market performance of the underlying equities which has been carefully picked based on their influence rate within their own category. i.e. container shipping, tankers, dry bulk, LNG, offshore, renewables, yard, and engineering, cruise, and energy. The sole purpose of the OX-Global Shipping Indices is to inform and visualize the performance of the underlying securities and their respective market and not to make any financial or business-related decisions hereupon. OCEAN EXL FZCO cannot at any time be held accountable for the performance of the indices nor the decisions made hereupon. The data gathered by OCEAN EXL FZCO can be licensed. Contact us to hear more.

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