Our activities

OceanEXL is an integrated shipbroking and trading company being involved in the shipping and transportation markets while we are also trading our own cargo via our trading and investment setup in Dubai. 


OceanEXL started its roots by being involved in shipping markets through shipbroking and consultancy and has since then expanded offerings with technical platforms, enhanced services, and a one-stop solution broker guiding throughout the entire life cycle of a vessel.

Our unique approach to shipbroking and advisory includes technological solutions such as AI, automatization, and intelligence that keep us ahead of our competitors and leads us through the markets with an edge. With a skilled, passionate, and international team located in Dubai, we provide the opportunity for our local relations to connect with global markets and vice versa.

With a strong presence in the Middle Eastern market and long-term relations all over the world, we are constantly kept updated on any market development and transactions affecting our clients’ business.


Our physical trading setup in Dubai is focusing on refined oil products such as fuel oil, diesel, kerosene, and gasoline. With advanced risk management techniques and strategies, we are able to leverage the physical trading markets with back-to-back transactions and hedging solutions.

We always stay informed on any market developments following trends and opportunities closely whether it is small-scale operations or long-term projects requiring consistency and commitment.