Capital Markets

OceanEXL Capital is directly involved in the capital markets within maritime and energy securities with an outstanding position in research, and trading equities and commodities through our in-house managed portfolio. With case-driven research and cyclical trading philosophy, we focus on mid to long-term trades while facilitating our analysis’ to clients through our intelligence platform.


We strive to provide accurate and timely research articles to clients and users of the Intelligence platform. All our research is well thought out and prepared using the latest information and state-of-the-art technology. Exclusively focusing on shipping and energy securities with a mid to long-term horizon. All research articles are available through the OceanEXL Intelligence platform together with our recommendations and ratings.

* Some articles require paid subscription.


Using the latest state-of-the-art trading technology and our comprehensive analysis tools together with various other trusted market information sources, we manage and trade both listed and OTC-traded securities for our in-house portfolio. We use a cyclical trading philosophy, finding value in equities and commodities worldwide before gaining momentum. As we manage our in-house portfolio, we have the freedom to execute trades which we truly believe in, risking only our own capital.