Maritime Advisory

At OceanEXL our clients are at the core of everything we do. We endeavor to understand our clients, their projects, and their commitment to each project. Our tailored and flexible services provide shipowners, banks, and institutional investors an in-depth understanding of the commercial value of the project taking the related markets, finance, and future outlook into consideration when assessing a project.


Our well-connected and specialized team provides consultancy and advisory to investors having an interest in marine assets. Our team will support our clients whether they are looking to buy, sell or just get a feeling of the current market situation within the various segments, with cutting edge advisory and the client in the center.


With our global connections and partnership with reputable and active maritime investors, we can provide support raising capital to back all ideas. We ensure to work with investors that can support any size and length of projects so that we can accommodate any our of clients, big or small. 

Whether the client is looking to raise capital for expansion, fleet renewal, or new business opportunities, our team will guide the client throughout the entire process. We always strive towards successful projects that leaves all parties satisfied.


In a volatile and dynamic market, it requires a partner with access to the market in terms of connections, data, and know-how, to successfully manage an investment. With reliable and global connections, technological solutions, and know-how, we are confident that our clients will enjoy our advisory to manage their investments in a safe, secure, and rewarding way.

Finance Network

Via our extensive finance network consisting of +30 international financiers, we bridge projects and capital and guide clients throughout the entire project, from scoping candidates to securing the financing and everything in between.

Our customized financing model allows us to source the best proposals for clients matching their strategy and expectations and applies financing towards continued projects for a smooth and fast process.


Project scoping and partner identification.


Application and partner introduction.


Questionnaire and KYC clearance.


Price and terms proposal and confirmation.


Final approval and agreement.